Call Me: 323-574-4006​

Etiquette / Hours

Please do not discuss my services, even in code.

I answer my phone from 8 am until 9 pm. I am available for appointments from 9am to finished by 10:30pm. I appreciate as much advance notice as you can give me. The more you are able to plan ahead, the smoother everything will go. For appointments of 4 or more hours please plan a day or more notice. I will be happy to confirm your appointment with 40% advance on your credit card. I would not like us to be disappointed if unconfirmed and I am unable to keep the appointed time . Please do not ask for discounts, instead move on to another provider with a lower honorarium.

I am reliable about keeping appointments made even weeks in advance. However I can usually respond with a minimum notice of an hour. I am professional yet personable and I am genuinely happy to see you. I prefer my compensation to be placed on the coffee table before our session begins.You do not need to refer to it.

Please treat me gently and with respect. I will do the same for you. Unless you request something different. Good hygiene is important including breath. You are welcome to shower if you did not have a chance. I will always be fresh and sweet smelling.

Being safe and seeing nice people are important to me, hopefully to both of us. I will try to determine through Google, other providers, Linkedin, Instagram and/or Twitter whether you are a nice person to see. I may ask for a selfie and a driver’s licence. Thank you for your patience and understanding with this process. I am 100% trustworthy and would never reveal your information to anyone.

Tips and presents of lingerie, flowers, chocolates, candles and oaked chardonnay are always a delight, though never expected.

I really want us to share a special moment (or several) together and have you soar to the clouds. I want our time together to be one of authentic pleasure for both of us. My goal is to make long-term friends out of the gentlemen that I find to be the most respectful . That is, quality over quantity.

Emailing me is the easiest way to begin our clandestine assignation if time is NOT of the essence. Texting is the best way to get my attention quickly. I do check my emails almost everyday but texts I usually see immediately.

I will be intrigued to speak with you on the phone after I have verified you to my satisfaction.

Until then,

Becca So Fine xo